Shari Murphy


 Teacher fo
r Self-contained Gifted 6th graders
doing 8th grade math

and Coach for gifted cluster classroom teachers

Room: 275


I teach a group of advanced gifted math students at Towne Meadows who have tested out of the ALP 6th grade math class (using the 7th grade book).  My class uses the 8th grade Glencoe Math book, as well as some supplemental materials and activities.

As a gifted coach, I also assist teachers at Towne Meadows, Augusta Ranch, Canyon Rim, and Meridian who have the Gifted Cluster Classrooms.  I provide them with materials, training, advice, and model lessons.

About Me

I am married and have a son living in L.A. and a daughter in Washington State, where I was raised.  I have taught grades 2-6 and a variety of extension classes over the years, with gifted ed. being my focus for the past 14 years.